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Tax and business services

Our services

We offer more than an accounting service. The common element shared by our range of services is their relevance to a particular clients' requirements. Our philosophy is based on satisfying our clients' overall business and financial needs.

In all aspects of our work we need to be up to date with the latest technology and accounting / financial knowledge. Tax returns, accounts, corporation tax returns & confirmation statements are filed online, this saves both us and our clients time and money.

All senior staff attend monthly Continuing Professional Development (CPD) meetings, which keeps us up to date and ensures our clients get the best available advice and service.

From July 2015, we also now offer a fee protection service.

Specialising in:

Accountancy and Audit Services
Management Accounts
Business Planning
Taxation Services
Payroll Services
VAT Services
Start-Up Services
Company Registration Services
Independent Financial Advice
Fee Protection Service.

Accountancy and Audit Services

We aim to provide a low cost and competitive service by developing a sound understanding of your business and operational environment.

This enables us to give you constructive advice on the strategic development of your business and the internal control procedures of the company.

Completion of Ltd Company accounts and Individuals accounts are our core business.

Our accounting services include:

  • Completion of Limited company accounts 
  • Sole trader and partnership accounts (including completion of tax returns)
  • Community Interest Companies
  • Management accounts

Our audit services include:

  • Statutory audits for companies
  • Law Society Accountant's Reports
  • Compliance audits
  • ARLA Reports
  • Charity Audits
Management Accounts

When running a business it is essential that you monitor the company's performance on a regular basis. Accurate information is important to enable strategic planning for the future and effective decision making. Good management information enables the directors to make sound business decisions by:

  • Identifying problems before they appear.
  • Monitoring an ongoing project.
  • Comparing actual performance for the period in question to budget figures and identifying causes of any variances.
  • Monitoring a loan and ensuring there is sufficient profit to meet interest payments.

We can assist by:

  • Liaising with the bank or provider of finance and producing for them the necessary information needed.
  • Producing budgeted and actual management accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Providing a summary of any variances, their causes and possible solutions.
  • Aiding on the design and application of management accounts systems on your existing software.
  • Advise on an appropriate pricing strategy.
  • Provide ongoing business coaching.
  • Provide Finance Director Services on a Part-time / Interim / On-call basis
Business Planning

In a fast changing and uncertain world, it is becoming more and more essential to know where your business is going and to ensure it has the necessary finance to meet its objectives. Unfortunately many businesses fail to effectively plan ahead and often find themselves asking a lender of finance for extra funds when they are at their most vulnerable.

Here at Lesser & Co, we can help you to plan ahead and achieve your objectives by offering:

  • Aid in preparing a budgeted cash flow for the next five years and a full business plan tailored to your requirements.
  • An independent and objective review of these forecasts and explanation of -any variances with actual figures see management accounts.
  • Assist with arranging finance through clearing banks and brokers.
  • Evaluating potential investments to assess their viability through investment appraisal techniques.
Taxation Services - Personal Tax

Despite the Chancellor of the Exchequer endeavors, tax in the UK has become increasingly complicated. It is often very difficult to know what benefits/ reliefs you are entitled to which may mitigate your tax liability.

This is of much concern to many individuals since it is now their responsibility to declare all types of income under their self - assessment. Although HM Revenue & Customs offers to calculate your liability if your records are submitted before the 30th September, large savings may be obtained by hiring the services of a Chartered Accountant.

At Lesser & Co we can offer you:

  • Expert advice in all tax matters including inheritance tax, capital gains tax & EIS/SEIS.
  • Assistance in completing your self-assessment return and submitting it in-time to avoid interest and penalties
  • Ensuring that any available reliefs are fully utilised so that your income lilt bill is restricted to the legal minimum
  • Ways of building up large sums of capital completely tax free
  • Liaising with the Inland Revenue
Taxation Services - Business Tax

In order to effectively manage your cashflow it is important to be aware of all aspects of tax, allowances, exemptions and deadlines. Poor planning may result in a large unwanted tax bill at a time when your finances are short. By hiring the services of a firm of Chartered Accountants, any tax concerns you may have may be alleviated.

At Lesser & Co we can provide:

  • Expert advice on all tax matters, including corporation tax, capital gains tax, PAYE and national insurance
  • A sound understanding of legislation in simple English, and its effects on your business
  • Completion of all relevant forms including CT 600, end of year returns, minutes and dividend vouchers
  • Advice on tax efficient start-ups
  • Advice on share ownerships in unquoted companies
  • Advice on disposal of a business' assets in the most tax efficient way
  • Maximising the availability of plant and machinery capital & first year allowances

You can trust Lesser & Co, to carry out a cost-effective solution to all your corporate and personal tax planning issues.

Taxation Services - Inheritance Tax (IHT)

We are able to provide you expert tax advice, to help reduce the impact of IHT implications, taking into account all relevant and appropriate allowances.

Disposal of assets need to be carefully planned to ensure you get the best possible outcome to mitigate the potential tax liability.

We will ensure that deadlines are met and give you advice on the best possible ways on methods of payments, which will suit your needs.

Taxation Services - Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

Understanding CGT can be important if you are looking to build up and then sell a business and use the proceeds to fund your retirement.

For many people, selling or transferring a business may make them liable to pay CGT on their gains, including gains on their share of partnership assets.

CGT can be complex and varies according to your circumstances and we will be able to give you expert advice and carefully plan to ensure that all available and relevant allowances and exemptions are applied to mitigate as much of the tax liability as possible.

This is especially important if your business holds assets that will increase in value, or you are thinking of selling your business and/or business assets, which might lead to a significant tax bill.

Payroll Services

Efficient operation of the company's payroll system is essential. It is important that this routine yet vital operation is correctly carried out and PAYE & NIC payments are made promptly to avoid penalties.

This enables you to concentrate on running the business without worrying about latest legislative changes or deadlines.

Here at Lesser & Co we can offer:

  • A prompt and efficient service with regular contact to ensure that all staff changes are immediately recorded.
  • Full knowledge of legislation, including Statutory Maternity Pay and Statutory Sick Pay.
  • Completion of all relevant form’s including P11s, P45s, P46s, P35s, P11Ds etc.
  • Provide weekly/monthly pay slips for employees and notify clients of PAYE & NIC payments due to HM Revenue & Customs on a monthly/quarterly basis.
VAT Services

VAT is a self-assessed tax and thus businesses are expected to correctly interpret and implement the law and any changes that may have arisen. Failure to correctly calculate your vat liability can lead to an unwanted inspection along with penalties, surcharges and interest charges and potentially significant VAT arrears.

At the same time many firms are unaware of what VAT they may reclaim.

Here at Lesser & Co we have the expertise and experience to help you with any VAT queries.

We can offer:

  • Professional and practical advice on how VAT interacts with your individual business circumstances
  • General compliance issues such as VAT registration/de-registration
  • The completion and timely submission of VAT returns
  • A comprehensive VAT dispute service. We will review any VAT assessments and deal with Customs & Excise accordingly
  • Submission requests for local review and formal appeals to the VAT and Duties Tribunal
  • Practical advice for VAT savings such as, switching to the flat rate VAT scheme for small business, if your business has few costs and overheads, and your turnover is less than £150,000 per annum
Start-Up Services

One of the first decisions you have to take is deciding on the most appropriate structure for your business. It will be whether to operate as a sole trader, as a partnership or as a limited company.

The choice you will make will have different financial implications for many areas of your business and personal life, including your own personal finance, level of risk, tax, national insurance, pensions, privacy, status and running costs.

Once we know your business objectives we can advise on how you should operate and explain how this will influence those factors listed above.

We can then provide assistance with the business plan and cash flow forecasts that will be needed if seeking finance.

In any case if significant initial costs are to be incurred these should always be prepared so you can see where the business is going and monitor actual performance comparing this to budgeted figures.

Start-Up Services - Bookkeeping and Accountancy

This will usually include registering your business for Value Added Tax and setting up a PAYE scheme. We can also advise on the operation and maintenance of manual or computerised record keeping.

In view of corporation tax for Limited companies being at 20% from 01.04.11 whilst for self-employed and individuals the marginal income tax rate including Class 4 NIC of 29%, straight away a tax benefit arises with running your business through a Limited company. This may be the most appropriate structure and we will explain how you should adhere to the statutory regulations as prescribed by the Companies Acts.

The selection of the appropriate year-end can have significant effects on the payment and timing of taxation liabilities, especially for sole traders and partnerships. Again we are happy to advise.

Then once your business is established, our continuing expertise is available to assist in all other areas to enable you to concentrate your energies on running and expanding your business.

Company Registration Services

When running a business it is easy to neglect keeping your records up to date. After all you are already busy enough looking after your customers and do not have the time to worry about trivial things such as submitting annual returns.

However failure to do so can result in significant fines.

At Lesser & Co we can take care of all your company registration requirements thus avoiding unnecessary fines and legal complications. This provides you with peace of mind allowing you to concentrate on the development of your own business.

Lesser & Co may assist you with:

  • Company formations, including ready made companies and new incorporations.
  • Updating of statutory books, amending, re-printing and updating Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Changing company names, appointment and resignation of directors and secretaries.
  • Re-structuring share capital, preparation of resolutions and all statutory documents including Annual Returns
  • Setting up community interest companies (CICs)
Financial Advice

We provide financial advice on pensions, insurance, investments and other financial matters with direct links to independent financial advisors.

We are regulated by the ICAEW as a designated professional body (DPB)

The taxation concessions and financial benefits of pension contributions can be enjoyed by sole traders, partnerships, companies and their employees. In all instances, pension contributions are tax deductible against personal income tax or company corporation tax.

Health Insurance and Life Insurance
These types of insurance are often overlooked even though most of us have little or no protection should we fall ill.

Health care income plans and income protection plans can do much to alleviate such worries.

Financial security for the family in the event of unforeseen death is another area where most people are under-insured. We can advise on the policies most suited to your requirements.

Savings and Investment Plans
You may wish to provide a capital sum at a future date-perhaps a daughter's wedding. Alternatively, you may wish to invest for capital growth or to supplement your income and we can advise on suitable investments.