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Client Code of Conduct

Lesser & Co sets out its promise to clients in its Engagement letter which explain what you can expect from us.

It is important that this respectful relationship is two-way.

Here is how we expect to be treated by clients, whether we are meeting face to face, in groups or individually, or talking on the phone, in emails or social media.

We ask our clients to:

  • Please show staff respect and courtesy
  • Be responsible and honest
  • Work with us to find solutions to problems
  • Help us to provide the best service we can

Lesser & Co will not tolerate

  • Swearing or racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive language
  • Any form of harassment or personal attack
  • Aggressive, intimidating, threatening or violent words or behaviour

If our code of conduct is breached, we reserve the right to take appropriate action which may result in our business relationship being terminated.